New Business Formation

Starting your own business is exciting, but not for the faint of heart. Having a solid foundation for your entrepreneurial endeavor is key to ensuring that your passion and drive translate into a successful venture.

Nicola Yester’s experienced and expert team will provide a robust plan that minimizes surprises in the most critical areas of new business formation, including:

  • Determining your start-up capital needs.
  • Identifying sources of start-up capital.
  • Evaluating and quantify your borrowing power to secure appropriate lines of credit as needed.
  • Identifying and select the business structure (LLC, LLP, S Corp, etc.) that best fits your needs by evaluating tax advantages, legal exposure, ease of operation and portability should you need to relocate.
  • Selecting the right accounting software by evaluating your budget, needs and hardware.
  • Preparing a Cash Flow Budget so you know when, where, and how your cash needs will occur.
  • Establishing procedures to monitor and control costs.
  • Advising you on tax deductions related to setting up a home office.
  • Preparing and filing all required state and local business formation documents and tax forms.
  • Preparing and filing your application for a Federal Employer Identification Number.
  • Preparing quarterly and annual payroll tax filings when you bring on your first employee.

With our guidance, your new venture can be off to a strong start, saving you time and money so you can focus on your business. Contact us today to learn more about our New Business Formation Services.