Tax Tip of the Month – April 2022

The April 18 deadline for individuals to file and pay their federal income tax is just around the corner. While paying taxes is not optional, the IRS offers a variety of ways for people to pay their taxes. Some taxpayers must make quarterly estimated tax payments throughout the year. This includes sole proprietors, partners, and […]

Tax Tip of the Month March 2022

Tracking the status of a tax refund is easy with the Where’s My Refund? tool. It’s available anytime on or through the IRS2Go App. Taxpayers can start checking their refund status within 24 hours after an e-filed return is received. Refund timing Where’s My Refund provides a personalized date after the return is processed and a […]

Tax Tip of the Month – February 2022

Tax laws are complicated but the most common tax return errors are surprising simple. Many mistakes can be avoided by filing electronically. Tax software does the math, flags common errors and prompts taxpayers for missing information. It can also help taxpayers claim valuable credits and deductions. Using a reputable tax preparer – including certified public accountants, […]

Tax Tip of the Month – January 2022

The IRS encourages taxpayers to get informed about topics related to filing their federal tax returns in 2022. These topics include special steps related to charitable contributions, economic impact payments and advance child tax credit payments. Taxpayers can visit for online tools, publications and other helpful resources for the filing season. Here are some […]

Tax Tip of the Month

Tax Tip of the Month – December 2021 Gather and organize tax records Organized tax records make preparing a complete and accurate tax return easier. It helps avoid errors that lead to processing and refund delays. Individuals should have all their tax information available before filing to ensure the return is complete and accurate. They […]

CTCPA Day of Giving!

Carissa, Lydia & Will had a blast at the CTCPA’s Day of Giving – helping people unload their donations and supporting the CT Children’s Medical Center and CT Food Share!  Thank you to all our clients and friends who generously donated today!

Manchester Soup Kitchen & Pantry

Our staff (Laura, Chris, Loreen, Carissa, Lydia, Will and Thomas) had a wonderful time volunteering at the Manchester Soup Kitchen & Pantry the day before Thanksgiving.  We are looking forward to our next opportunity!  Thank you MACC!

CTCPA Day of Giving! November 30, 2021

Clients and Friends, Nicola | Yester will be participating in the CTCPA’s Annual Holiday Drive this year – CTCPA Day of Giving.  In addition to cash donations, they are looking for the following items for CT Foodshare:  Canned or dry beans, dry milk, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, peanut butter, coffee, tuna, and canned tomatoes.  […]