Tax Tip October 2023 – Avoiding Identity Theft Scammers Posing as the IRS

Avoiding identity theft scammers posing as the IRS   Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but when scammers pose as the IRS it means trouble for taxpayers. Identity thieves may contact taxpayers through fraudulent calls, emails, texts or social media messages pretending to be the IRS. Here are tips to help taxpayers know […]

Tax Tip September 2023 – Teacher/Educator Expense Deductions

Teachers often buy classroom supplies with their own money. The Educator Expense Deduction helps them get some of that money back. Eligible teachers and administrators can deduct part of the cost of technology, supplies and training from their taxes. They can claim this deduction only for expenses that weren’t reimbursed by their employer, a grant […]

Tax Tip August 2023 – Things Extension Filers Should Know

Things for extension filers to keep in mind as they prepare to file.  Many people requested an extension to file their tax return after the usual April deadline. These filers have until Oct. 16, 2023, to complete and file their tax return. The IRS suggests that those who already have the forms and information they […]

Tax Tip of the Month – July 2023

Taxpayers can appeal when they disagree with an IRS decision When taxpayers disagree with the IRS’s decision on their tax situation, they can submit a written request to have the IRS Independent Office of Appeals review the decision. The goal of Appeals is to resolve tax disputes outside of the courtroom in a way that […]

Tax Tip of the Month – June 2023

The IRS alerts taxpayers of suspected identity theft by letter Scammers sometimes use stolen Social Security numbers to file fraudulent tax returns and collect refunds. To prevent this, the IRS scans every tax return for signs of fraud. If the system finds a suspicious tax return, the IRS reviews the return and sends a letter […]

Tax Tip of the Month – May 2023

When an IRS letter or notice arrives in the mail, here’s what taxpayers should do: Read the letter carefully. Most IRS letters and notices are about federal tax returns or tax accounts. Each notice deals with a specific issue and includes any steps the taxpayer needs to take. A notice may reference changes to a taxpayer’s […]

Tax Tip of the Month – April 2023

It’s important for taxpayers to file a federal tax return that has a complete and correct reporting of their income – which may mean including income from sources other than regular wages from an employer. Income from gig economy activities and tip income are two common sources of such income. Gig economy earnings are taxable […]

Tax Tip of the Month – March 2023

What to do when a W-2 or Form 1099 is missing or incorrect It’s important for taxpayers to have all their documents and information so they can file an accurate and complete tax return. This may mean waiting to file until they receive all their documentation – and it can also mean following up on […]